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Notes about the Firefox Extension for WebResearch

The Firefox extension basically supports the same features as the WebResearch integration in Internet Explorer. However, for even better saving results we recommend to install the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension in addition to the WebResearch Firefox Extension.


  1. The Firefox browser cache is only used when installing the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension
    When installing the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension, content can be saved directly from the Firefox cache. In contrast, if just the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension is installed, all Web page content will be downloaded once more from the Internet while saving the page.
  2. Login, cookies, and browser sessions are only supported when installing the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension.
    For example, to save the contents of a shopping cart (which uses browser sessions and probably cookies), the WebResearch ScrapBook Extension must be installed.
  3. WebResearch Toolbar is not movable
    Firefox does not support movable toolbars. You can only move single buttons using the Customize Toolbar command of Firefox.
  4. WebResearch features that are available in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox:
    - Edit Web pages
    - Highlight text in Web pages
    - Set reminder for follow up
    Solution: Use these features in the WebResearch application, where they are available after saving the page.
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